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You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.

– Julia Child

I’m a twenty-something woman living in a tiny apartment in Illinois – just outside of downtown Chicago. Although I live in small quarters, I have always loved cooking, baking and experimenting with my own recipes.

Midwestern living can be challenging for a cooking enthusiast, as well as for someone who likes natural light photography (we barely see the sun throughout winter!).  Farm fresh fruits and vegetables are only available…well…in certain seasons. I don’t believe in making excuses or explanations about what I cook  – everyone’s style is unique, that’s what makes it fun! I’m not here to judge or preach. I simply prefer to use the freshest ingredients available to me and I hope you enjoy what I share with you.

Since I don’t have the option to plant my own garden, I rely heavily on neighborhood Farmer’s Markets.  I hope to share with you a sweet culinary journey through the Illinois seasons of spring, summer, and fall.  If you’re looking for something new or a change of taste, this blog just might be for you.

Seasonally Yours,


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