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Peak-Season Map

March 3, 2010

Welcome to Seasonal Sweets!

It’s March and it’s almost time to start posting regularly. We’re finally seeing more sunny days and warmer temperatures. By warmer, I mean 50 degrees. It’s ironic that when spring starts to show it’s face, 50 degrees feels warm. But when autumn breezes in with 50 degrees, a chill is felt in the air. We can blame it on changing seasons and the effect that the “winter hibernation” (as I call it) has on us all.

The Farmer’s Markets will open in May. I love to create treats revolving around what is in season. There’s nothing better than fresh fruit from the farm. I feel privileged to live in a city that strongly supports local farmers and produce.  To get a head start on my trips to the market, I’m organizing my recipes with a helpful resource I found at Epicurious. Sometimes it can be challenging to use seasonal ingredients, especially in the early spring.

To guide you, Epicurious has created a Peak-Season Ingredient Map. You select the present month, click on your state, and it will then give you a list of ingredients that are currently in season in your area. Once you find the ingredient you have purchased (or plan on purchasing), you can click on it and Epicurious will present you with an abundance of recipes. I hope you find this as helpful as I did. See you in May!

Seasonally Yours,


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